Nitish & Yashu

Nitish and Yashu were both excited and nervous about their upcoming arranged marriage. They had been introduced by their families, who believed that they would make a good match.

Nitish was a software engineer who had been living in Bangalore for several years. He loved his job and spent his free time playing cricket and exploring the city. Yashu was a teacher who lived with her parents in Mumbai. She enjoyed reading and attending classical dance performances.

When Nitish and Yashu first met, they were both a little shy. But as they started talking, they found that they had a lot in common. They both loved Indian classical music and had a passion for learning new things.

Over the next few months, Nitish and Yashu got to know each other better. They talked on the phone and texted each other regularly. They also met a few more times, with their families present.

As their wedding day approached, Nitish and Yashu both felt a mix of excitement and anxiety. They were happy to be getting married, but they also worried about how they would adjust to living together and managing their new life as a couple.

But Nitish and Yashu were determined to make their marriage work. They knew that they would face challenges, but they believed that their love and commitment to each other would see them through.

Finally, the day of their wedding arrived. It was a beautiful ceremony, with family and friends from both sides coming together to celebrate. Nitish and Yashu exchanged vows and rings, and then performed the traditional rituals that marked the beginning of their new life together.

After the wedding, Nitish and Yashu settled into their new home in Bangalore. They had some adjustments to make, as they learned to live together and manage their household. But they were both patient and understanding, and they worked together to find solutions to any issues that arose.

Over time, Nitish and Yashu grew closer and more in love. They continued to support each other in their careers and hobbies, and they enjoyed exploring new places and trying new things together.

Looking back on their arranged marriage, Nitish and Yashu knew that they had made the right choice. They were grateful for their families, who had brought them together, and for the love and companionship that they had found in each other.