Hardik & Dimple


Hardik and Dimple had known each other for a few years now. They had been introduced by their families and had been in touch through social media and phone calls. However, they had never met in person until the day of their pre-wedding shoot.

The shoot took place at Amber Fort in Jaipur, where the couple was dressed in traditional Rajasthani attire. The stunning architecture and intricate designs of the fort complemented the vibrant colors of their clothes. They also visited the Patrika Gate in Jaipur, which provided a picturesque backdrop for their photos.

The couple was a bit nervous at first, but their photographer from Art Digital Studio quickly made them feel at ease. He captured their natural chemistry and the love that they shared, which shone through in the photos.

During the shoot, Hardik and Dimple reminisced about their journey so far and talked about their future together. They both came from similar backgrounds and had similar values, which made them a perfect match. Even though they had not spent much time together, they felt a strong connection and were excited about their upcoming arranged marriage.

After the shoot, the couple took a walk around the fort and enjoyed the stunning views of the city. They talked about their families and their plans for the future. Hardik was a businessman and Dimple was a teacher, and they both hoped to start a family soon after the wedding.

The pre-wedding shoot was a memorable experience for both Hardik and Dimple. It not only captured their love for each other but also their shared love for their culture and heritage. They were excited to start their new journey together and looked forward to their upcoming wedding, which was only a few months away.